TEFON Engineering has a global network engineering centre delivering high performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers .

Our approach to engineering is geared to meet our clients demands on time and with the right quality. We can deploy the best mix of our capabilities through a well-integrated work share and technical performance management system.

Our engineering expertise extends from our consulting services through to our specialist engineering services and decommissioning.

We offer expertise in many engineering disciplines, including: Civil engineering, materials engineering,engineering design, consulting and electrical engineering.

Our main services includes the following:

  1. Civil Engineering

    Building on the core experience of its founding director, TEFON Engineering retains a strong and innovative civil engineering section. Our experienced engineers are involved with every aspect of infrastructure design, maintenance and development.

  2. Electrical Engineering

    TEFON Engineering constructs and maintains high voltage networks (HTA and HTB).

    We also provide electro-mechanical and electrical services such as rehabilitation, extension, and repairs in dams and power transformation stations.

  3. Rural Electrification

    One purpose here is to provide energy services, improving the daily life of rural households by providing domestic and public lighting, so people in rural areas can have the ability to prepare hot meals, access to the radio, television, telephone, etc. We also supply energy to craftsmen, tradesmen, industry, and the health and social sectors (schools, health centres, etc.).

  4. Conception and Execution of roads and biuldings

    We conceive and execute projects such as roads, bridges, buildings, and any related civil engineering works.We are also involved in the construction and rehabilitation.

  5. Site investigation and geotechnical engineering

    TEFON Engineering provides site investigation and geotechnical engineering services
    Site Investigation works include:

    1. Soil surveys and investigation
    2. In-situ and laboratory testing
    3. Contamination surveys
    4. Soakage rate testing
    5. Foundation design
    6. Factual and interpretative reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Tefon Engineering

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