We are experts in the field of engineering in the industry. We are highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging environments, including harsh environments, remote locations and very deep waters

TEFON Engineering is committed to delivering cost effective solutions through accurate communication and engineering expertise. We enjoy engineering solutions and thrive on meeting challenging clients briefs.

Employing Chartered Professional Engineers, we offer expertise in the design of steel, concrete and timber construction across the range of multi-story offices and public buildings to heavy industrial and commercial facilities. With international experience of seismic design and assessment we draw on broad knowledge for the investigation of problems and identification of cost effective solutions.

We have extensive knowledge of domestic construction and can provide appropriate solutions to complex architectural design requirements.

We are based in Douala but also work internationally. We recognise the importance of sustainability. We are currently involved in national and international sustainable energy projects. We have extensive experience in soil-structure interaction which has proved invaluable in identifying effective solutions.


Founders - TEFON GROUP

The TEFON Group is a group of companies that grew out of a passion to render service differently. When my wife Dr FON Elizabeth and I got married some thirty years ago (this 2014), we were working in different sectors. Trained as a petroleum engineer, I was working in a foreign oil company operating out of Douala. Trained as a medical doctor, my wife was working in the biggest hospital in the Douala metropolis called Hopital Laquintinie.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tefon Engineering

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